Try an Avocado Smoothie!
by: Everything Las Cruces

Avocados seem to go from unripe, to over ripe in a day. You have to work fast! and I found the quickest way to use up my avocados, is to put them in a smoothie. They always turn out creamy and suprisingly refreshing, a perfect end of summer treat. Here is my favorite recipe (adapted from Everyday Food)

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Archery is Graceful
by: Everything Las Cruces

     Archery. Revived within our modern culture, it's a wonderful, traditional sport that serves a glorious combination of power, concentration, and release. As a woman, I've felt the inkling to pick up my grandfather's bow once or twice. Now that he's out on a hunting trip with my uncle and HIS bow, it makes me wonder why I ...Continue Reading

Tips for Navigating NMSU
by: Cassie McClure

The continued heat notwithstanding, fall is coming to Las Cruces. That means that students are returning to New Mexico State University. You might have already noticed an increase in traffic, especially around rush hour and the closer you get to the University. One thing to be sure to watch out for as well is the increase of pedestrian and cyclist ...Continue Reading

Ride On Sports
by: Cassie McClure

After reading Christopher McDougall’s initial New York Times article and then his book Born to Run, I decided that I had a desperate need to own some Vibram Five Fingers. For a while, there were no locations in Las Cruces that sold them and the rumors were that you would have to either trek to El Paso or Ruidoso. ...Continue Reading

Dorm Room Decorating
by: Everything Las Cruces

It's almost time! School Starts for NMSU 22nd of August, and if you are moving into a dorm you are gonna want to make it look like home. Here are a few of our favorite items to make your space extra awesome. 

1. Too by Blue Dot Pillows:  Decorative Pillows are always the best way to spruce up your bed, ...Continue Reading

Daily Dose of Eye Candy
by: Everything Las Cruces

Fashion trends, glitter, glam and the like…who knew all of this was hiding in our very own city? Local Las Crucean blogger Cari Cantrell has a fabulous little nook on the internet called "The Sweet Tooth" where she gathers all things fabulous and lovely.

Here are a FEW of my favorites from her blog:


Double exposure paintings


by: Everything Las Cruces

This has been a staple at my family get togethers for as long as I remember... The optional is the differences between my moms and wife's... Also taste test to find what you like... This is just a starting point... Sometimes I like hot chile and sometimes I like mild chile but more of it...


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Funky Karma Incense & Tea Shop
by: Everything Las Cruces

Funky Karma is an eclectic store located in the great city of Las Cruces, New Mexico. We sell all kinds of incense (sticks, cones, resins, powders, domestic and imported), smudge sticks, incense burners, oils, oil burners, candles, tea (200 loose leaf teas), herbs, spices, greeting cards (fractal created by the talented group of lady artists, The Mesilla Valley Fractal Artists and ...Continue Reading