Day of the Dead
Oct 21st, 2015 By: Everything Las Cruces
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On November 2nd, clad yourselves in the most festive outfits and costumes you can muster, Day of the Dead will be here! A long celebrated Mexican tradition that brightens the idea of death and the passing of loved ones. The festival is meant to bring beauty to those we've lost and to celebrate lives that we currently live. Dia De Los Muertos is one of my favorite festivals, not only out of respect for the departed but also to decorate the idea of grotesque and transform it with beautiful colors, fabulous face paint and flowers and candy and make it something wonderful and worthy of celebrating. 


But! If you're not all that into getting paint all over your face (Who wouldn't be though? Weirdo...) , there are plenty of lovely alternatives for dressing and representing.

For the ladies:


This lovely lady has got it right. I love her crazy flowers, baby limb and box-skull decor she's got going on. Also, yes she has tissue paper stuck to her head. And it looks awesome!


Feeling more casual than that? Hop on over to Urban Outfitters and snag up these beauties:

1. Lacy Skirt- Reminiscent of the tissue paper cut-out decor for the holiday, this skirt is light and festive and perfect with those boots!

2. Masquerade Necklace- Or go bigger! Chunky necklaces are always fun, and they can brighten up your look even more. A necessity, I'd say.

3. Sugar Skull Earrings- Beautiful, black, lovely. Simple studs balance the giant necklace you probably just draped over your neck. Although...big earrings aren't a bad idea either...

4. Stone Ring- Simple gold ring with a highlight of teal to keep things traditional.

5. Floral Muscle Shirt- whilst showing off your fabulous arms, keep the tradition going with floral themes and bright colors. This shirt looks so comfy!


And right about now, any man who has even gotten THIS far is thinking, "oh gosh, another fashion blog." Not to worry men! I have things for you too!

Once again, via Urban Outfitters. A wide variety of clothing. Some I wish wasn't just for men...

1. Day of the Dead Blanket T-shirt- Very traditional style and how can you not wear this on Day of the Dead? I mean, it's the title of the freaking shirt! 

2. Skull and Feather Ring- Men should never be afraid to wear rings. Especially big, chunky, awesome ones like this!

3. Lava Bead Bracelet- This guy is SUPER cool. Lava rock makes jewelry look super good, all worn out and rustic!

4. Skull Blanket Socks- Sometimes I think men have cooler socks than women. Especially now. I'm ordering some. 

5. Hell Yeah Sweater- For when it starts to get colder out (November, yeah I'd probably order this soon) toss on the casual skull sweater whilst still keeping up the celebration!


In opposition of the ladies...the men can (and should!) decorate themselves traditionally for the Day of the Dead celebrations. Toss on a suit and tie and get creative with your face paint! ( Or get your lady friend to help you, no shame in that.) Just get out there and have some fun with it. It's an extra Halloween, so take advantage of it!

Top hat and vest, simple and superb!  Elaborate is not always the answer. I've always admired casual costumes, when they are done WELL. Don't be lazy. 


I hope you all exceed your creative and celebratory limits this year. Check out this site for a couple costume ideas:  Elaborate headdresses?? I think yes. Yes yes yes. Get to it and have a wonderful festive dia! Also, each image has a link, if you're interested in further exploring these wonderful photographs or costumes just click on one.


*photo courtesy of: Robert Stebler