El Sombrero Patio Cafe
Jun 29th, 2017 By: Everything Las Cruces
Topics: Business Reviews
Yesterday I asked on Everything Las Cruces'  facebook page for recommendations on where to get a good smothered burrito.  There were lots of good suggestions, but ultimately I decided on El Sombrero.  I have been there before, but had not tried their smothered burritos, and their patio placed a big factor on going there for dinner.  El Sombrero Cafe is locate 363 S Espina and they are open Monday to Saturday from  11am to 9pm and are closed on Sundays.  
When I got there I asked to sit in the patio section and was brought some of their awesome salsa and chips.  I think I ate two bowls chips with salsa before my smothered beef burrito came. I can't complain the salsa is awesome!  I was just worried I wouldn't be hungry anymore when the food came!  The salsa is so awesome I asked for extra and poured it over my beans and rice for an extra kick! The burrito was huge and delicious! The lighting in the patio section was not optimal for photos but here is my pic! I would rate this burrito an 7 out of 10