Our "A" Mountain
by: Cassie McClure

Framed by the more impressive Organ Mountains, Tortugas Mountain tends to be a little overshadowed. For many, it only springs to mind when an eerie lit ‘A’ hangs in the darkness. As the name translated into English suggests, “tortoise” mountain is a little hump that can be seen well from the University and on the southeast side of Las Cruces.

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Southwest Paranormal Investigations-SPI - Keeping History Alive
by: Katrina Chandler
It's Halloween once again. I have taken a lot of time to think about all the spooky places in and around Las Cruces this season. There is so much history and so many stories accompanying this wonderful city. I thought about sharing some of the old tales or requesting stories from our readers, but then, I thought, why not ask ...Continue Reading