Warm It Up
by: Everything Las Cruces

Cider is the perfect Fall drink. I look forward every year, to making a big batch of apple cider and sitting around a warm fire. There are a million differnent versions you can make, but I have one recipe that I can make in a pinch, it is de-lish, and it tastes like apple pie! (recipe from Martha Stewart)

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Try an Avocado Smoothie!
by: Everything Las Cruces

Avocados seem to go from unripe, to over ripe in a day. You have to work fast! and I found the quickest way to use up my avocados, is to put them in a smoothie. They always turn out creamy and suprisingly refreshing, a perfect end of summer treat. Here is my favorite recipe (adapted from Everyday Food)

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by: Everything Las Cruces

This has been a staple at my family get togethers for as long as I remember... The optional is the differences between my moms and wife's... Also taste test to find what you like... This is just a starting point... Sometimes I like hot chile and sometimes I like mild chile but more of it...


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