Why Play Groups?
Mar 13th, 2014 By: Everything Las Cruces
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It's time to see the sun and come up for air. If you are a stay at home parent you know what I am talking about. We can sometimes get so focused on getting our kids in a routine that we forget to leave our house and show them what it's like to experience new things. And truthfully, we need to get out for ourselves and experience what it is like to have a kid or two in tow. I know, it seems so much easier to just stay home and not worry about the bother, but it may not be the best. Besides, getting out with other parents makes us a better parent, we finally realize we are not alone in all of this.
One of the best ways to meet people going through exactly what you are going through is by joining a playgroup. "Having a playgroup provides an extremely beneficial atmosphere for moms to relate to other moms, while baby/toddler experiences a social setting. Many times, a new mom can be overwhelmed with the sleepless nights and responsibilities that a baby brings about.  It's so easy to become depressed and/or feel alone and disconnected, especially if she is a stay at home mom for any length of time," says Allison Ostland, owner and instructor of Fit4Mom Las Cruces, a playgroup focused on physical health. "Playgroups become a saving grace to many mothers going through this. It gets them out of the house and around other women going through the same emotions and physical changes," says Ostland. From personal experience I know how beneficial it is to share with someone your frustrations and then to be reassured when you discover they have had the same setbacks. It's like a breath of fresh air.
Children also get an opportunity to create bonds and learn from each other. Ostland shares this sentiment through her playgroup, "Through Fit4Mom, I have not only seen our fitness classes and playgroups transform lives, I have seen strong friendships formed. These women find true friends through this program and form bonds that continue to last throughout the years. The children connect and grow with each other and they become buddies!"
Las Cruces offers several groups focused on the stay at home parent and their tots getting out and socializing with numerous activities. I have discovered just a few, however, I know there are many more ways to get out there with you kids and get involved. If you know of playgroups or programs in the area that I did not mention, please comment and help a parent out.
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