COAS Bookstore


COAS Bookstore has been a cornerstone of Las Cruces since 1984, faithfully serving the readers of our community for over 40 years.  With their downtown location, as well as their bookstore on 1101 S Solano Drive, you’re sure to find something for any reader in your life.

To make reading even more accessible to the brilliant citizens of Las Cruces, COAS runs a trade-in system!  Take in the books you no longer need, and get store credit to purchase different one of their thousands of available books to read.

The good people at COAS Bookstore have no shortage of books in their inventory.  The store shelves are updated almost every week (depending on the section).  Thanks to the constant trade-ins and their warehouses full of books to stock, you can try to find something new with every visit!

Every Saturday, they have wonderful story-tellers read for the kids of the community from 10:30AM to 11:00AM!  Check in their store or on their facebook/website to see if there will be an author saying hello this upcoming Saturday!