RAD Retrocade!


Downtown Las Cruces has not been the same since July of 2019, when RAD Retrocade officially opened their doors.  

Unlike any other place in the city, RAD takes the meaning of retro to a whole new level.  The games and activities are all retro-arcade style, the entire place is decked out in 1980’s references and art, and even the menu features fully retro themed food!

With their pulled pork sandwich called the “Porky Pig” or their “Marty McFries”, all the food available at RAD Retrocade is creative as well as delicious, and unfortunately overlooked because of all of the awesome games and drinks.

From 2 to 7 PM the Retrocade and kitchen are open for the kids, but after 7 the Retrocade becomes a full-service bar; essentially transforming into an adult playground paradise!  With a dance floor and live music every Thursday through Saturday, Rad Retrocade has been one of the most popular spots in Las Cruces since they opened their doors.

The wonderful people who run the Retrocade add new games and switch up the existing ones all the time, so be sure to check out the games often to see what’s new!

Rad Retrocade isn’t only making waves in the Las Cruces community.  Rumor is that other cities have shown interest in having their own retrocade, and have even reached out to the owners and managers of our awesome Retrocade here in town!  

They’re even expanding in the great state of New Mexico, with a Rad Retrocade set to open in Sante Fe by December 1st 2020!  It’s always good to see a local business succeed, especially when they’re trying something this new and exciting!

Check out the Rad Retrocade Facebook page for information and updates