Road Runner Pizza!


Road Runner Pizza is one of the best local pizza joints in Las Cruces. Located at 1426 Missouri Ave, they’re just down the street from the New Mexico State University campus, and right up the street from LCHS.

With their convenient location, they’ve been serving our Las Cruces students for years, but the awesome people at Road Runner Pizza wanted to do more!  They began feeding the high schools with fresh, homemade pizza, providing up to 250 pizzas to the schools every Tuesday and Thursday.

When Michelle Obama launched The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, cafeteria standards became more strict, with efforts to replace items like pizza with healthier alternatives.  But the Road Runner Pizza crew knows the truth, that kids love pizza. Ingeniously, they created their own recipe for wheat dough and got their pizza approved by the government health codes.

Road Runner Pizza, as a former NMSU Aggie and LCHS Bulldawg I can say, the students of Las Cruces truly thank you for your dedication to the pizza category!

They make their own signature pizza sauce, their meatballs are fresh and never frozen, and they make homemade croutons.  To top it all off, they roast that New Mexico green chile on the spot for that authentic Southern New Mexico flavor!

Come down to have a slice anytime between 11 & 10, or call in to have them cater your next party!

Visit the Road Runner Pizza Facebook page for more information!