T or C Brewing Company


When you walk into the Truth or Consequences Brewing Co. location in Las Cruces, you’ll find all types of characters sitting with a beer.

From grandparents, to young families with their kids, to college students, to visitors from out of town or just the regular folk, T or C Brewing Co. is a place that welcomes all walks of life.  I was struck when I walked in and saw all these different happy people for the first time, but they all get along fine.  After a few minutes it becomes regular, like we’re old friends.

As you might have guess, Truth or Consequences Brewing Company started in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  In the Summer of 2017, they opened their doors to serve the public their amazing beers for the first time, out of an old gallery space no less!  (Legend has it that the building used to be an old Ford dealership a long, long time ago.)

Since then they’ve expanded to beautiful Las Cruces, opening their new location on 2001 E. Lohman Ave. in February of 2020.  Their Las Cruces taproom seats 70 people and attracts all types of people.

When you’re thinking of where you want to get your next beer, I highly recommend checking out the T or C Brewing Company.  The staff is incredibly friendly, the beer is great, the taproom is nice, and the people you’ll meet are even nicer!

Check out the Truth or Consequences Brewing Company Facebook page for more information.