The Pit Stop 292 Cafe!


The Pit Stop 292 Cafe owned by Gary Tankesly operates by a few simple rules “good food, good vibes” and “every plate matters”.  They have a great menu of Mexican and American dishes breakfast, lunch and dinner all served with a smile by the friendly staff and all at a reasonable price.  Gary and his cooks can fix you anything from delicious Huevos Rancheros in the morning to a mouth-watering 16 oz Sirloin Steak at dinnertime!

They’ve got it all from New Mexico Green Chili Cheeseburgers to homemade Mexican plates with enchiladas, tacos, tamales, chili con carne, beans and rice.  All the dishes that we’ve tried here are top notch but what the diner is known for is their delicious Chili Con Queso which is referred to by loyal customers as the “Liquid Gold”!  We’ve had it on the Rolled Taco plate and the giant Hamburger Steak smothered in Queso and it is awesome.  This stuff is great on anything and Chef Gary has even earned the name “GT Queso”, next time you’re their try it you will not be disappointed!

As good as the food is at this old-fashioned, down home diner, I really like the colorful eclectic, nostalgic theme.  The restaurant and walls are covered with pictures, posters and vintage items which bring back all sorts of memories from Elvis to KISS and Marilyn Monroe to Hot Rods and Harley’s!  Everytime I go in I see something that I missed last time around.  Great conversation starters, these are all items that have been collected by Gary over the years and not some pre-fab mass produced items that you find at national chain restaurants trying to get a nostalgic theme.  This is a real deal diner serving up great comfort food at a great price and when you’re there, be sure to ask about their daily specials!
Gary and the Pit Stop crew are getting ready to celebrate their 5 Year Anniversary on April 20th and they will be having a special buffet with Bar B Que Ribs, Brisket, Mexican food and they’ll be serving their Green Chili Cheeseburgers on special for 4.20!  Come on over and help this Las Cruces original celebrate with good food, music and good people!  Check out their menu at The Pit Stop 292 Facebook Page!
Pit Stop 292 located at 361 S. Motel Blvd. for more info call 575-527-1993.