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Top Places to get Aguas Frescas



The Luchador Food Truck aims to bring a new food experience to Las Cruces by providing delicious, high quality food and a great atmosphere.  The aguas frescas available come in the classic flavors, such as melon, strawberry, and more.


Matteo’s Mexican Food offers respect, trust, dedication, integrity, and a commitment to exceeding the expectations of their customers.  Although they are a newer addition to the expanse of delicious Mexican cuisine in Las Cruces, they are already a valued and welcome addition.

La Michoacana

Not only is La Michoacana one of the best spots in town for ice cream and paletas, but they offer aguas frescas as well!  Also, a little known factoid; they have a confites room complete with all types of mexican candies and piñatas of all sizes!


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