Top 5 Reasons to Consider Cannabis


Cannabis can change your mind (literally)

We all know that smoking marijuana changes your head-space by getting you high, but did you know that THC (the chemical in marijuana responsible for the euphoric ‘high’ feeling) can clean out your brain?  A 2006 study by the Scripps Research Institute proved that THC can block the formation of plaque between brain cells, prevention neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia.*

Cannabis is a comparably safer substance

An estimated 88,000 people suffer alcohol-related deaths every year in the U.S.*, and that doesn’t include the thousands of lives that are negatively impacted by alcohol abuse without leading to death.  Marijuana overdose is almost a medical impossibility, and THC can act as a calming effect, making you a lot less likely to get into bar fights or rob a bank Las Cruces.

Cannabis can relieve chronic pain

As somebody who suffers from crippling migraine headaches, I can personally attest to the ability of cannabis to mitigate bodily aches and pains.  Some prescription & over-the-counter painkillers include ingredients that can potentially harm your liver or kidneys, such as acetaminophen. Choosing cannabis can help relieve pain without hurting your body.

Cannabis can help with depression and anxiety

Marijuana can help with stabilizing your mood, helping to regulate manic-depressive tendencies as well as anxiety or attention deficit disorders.  A word of warning though; using a small dosage helps with anxiety, but smoking or ingesting too much can lead to a paradoxical reaction, which can actually cause increased anxiety and paranoia.

Cannabis is fun

We saved the best for last.  Now that you know that marijuana can help you mentally, physically, and emotionally, you can fully appreciate the final factor.  It’s really fun to relax and light one up by yourself or with some friends! Stay safe Las Cruces. ORALE!