Woosah Rage Room


Woosah (wü-sah): 1. a state of clarity and calmness. 2. something of and/or pertaining to clarity and calmness…. Example:  He was unperturbed by the disaster, as he practiced woosah.

Practice Woosah?  This is how we practice Woosah at the Rage Room!!!

The Woosah Rage Room is a great new way to relieve stress and have fun breaking stuff!  Come on in grab your choice of weapons and go crazy, you can destroy everything from toilet seats to televisions!  Pick up a sledgehammer and smash a computer keyboard…grab a golf club and tee up some bottles or swing away with a baseball bat as you break and smash our stuff or bring something from home or work that you’ve always wanted to shatter!  AND best of all we clean up the damage and mess.

Justin and Pamela Ray opened their Rage Room in Las Cruces after visiting family in Atlanta and experiencing the fun.  Rage Rooms are popular in larger cities thru-out the US and now thanks to Justin and Pamela our community can have fun relieving stress breaking anything you can imagine. There are different sessions available with up to 20 minutes of “Rage” time.  You can go in by yourself or have fun with your spouse, family, friends or fellow workers.  All ages over 13 are welcome and Pamela told us that they have even had someone’s grandmother go in and smash away!  Gift certificates are available and they make a fun, different experience to give away.

So if you’re looking for something to do or you’re having a bad day then visit the Woosah Rage Room and have a music blasting, screaming, smashing good time!  As Justin and Pamela like to say “Come break our stuff, leave the mess and stress behind and find your Woosah!”

The Woosah Rage Room is located at 820 S. Solano and sessions are by appointment only.  Visit their website – woosahlascruces.com or their Facebook – @woosahlascruces for more info and sign up for your rage time.