Moonbow’s Book Nook: The Site for Southwestern Authors


Near the heart of Las Cruces lies a quaint bookshop by the name of Moonbow’s Book Nook.  

This small shop contains one of the greatest collections of local publications in all of Southern New Mexico, and even more incredibly, the store acts as a beacon for local authors to fully realize their community and their craft.

Featuring ~130 authors local to the Las Cruces area, and a collection of ~500 books exclusively written by people from this region, the Moonbow Book Nook stands as a testament for the small-town writers who “gotta write as much as you gotta breath”.  

Owner Alice B. Davenport is no stranger to the world self publication, and as a lady who has enjoyed the work of local authors for a long time, the creation of the Book Nook came quite naturally.  She started the operation about a year and a half ago, in the space of her sewing business Moonbow Alterations, which has been open since 1992.

It’s clear that Mrs. Alice B. Davenport does this out of passion for the craft.  She helps people through the process of self-publishing, she offers a beautiful bookshop to showcase the work of local authors, and she even holds book signing events where she invites the writers of the community to meet with other authors and readers!

If you are interested in writing, this place would be an invaluable resource to you.  If you are interested in reading, you will find books that you quite literally will not find anywhere else.  And if you are interested in the Southwest, then the Moonbow Book Nook will provide you with the most wonderful space to explore.

Sometimes, as the lovely Alice B. Davenport says, “You gotta write as much as you gotta breath.”  For the writers and the readers of the world who feel the same, come to the Moonbow Book Nook. Who knows what you might find.


E Idaho Ave, Las Cruces, NM 88005